As Intermax Logistics, we are working on reflecting all the elements that will provide confidence, speed and economic benefit to our services.

Therefore, it is among our priorities to respond quickly to the demands of our customers, to be always accessible and to offer creative approaches to the problems that may be encountered. We will continue to produce solutions that will provide added value by blending our boutique service approach with our experience.


As Intermax Logistics, we are aware of our responsibility. We carry out a transparent transport process until you reach your destination. In order to respond to the demands of our customers at any time, we take care to be available 24x7.


We are aware of the ever-changing market conditions in trade sector. We respond to the demands of our customers in the fastest way, and take your cargoes to the destination as quickly as possible by selecting the most suitable route.


We produce solutions by considering the demands and needs of our customers with the understanding of boutique service and make a difference with our special price offers.