As Intermax Logistics, we are aware that the most important element of sustainable success is human resources. Therefore, it is among the primary duties of our human resources department to provide our employees with the best possible opportunities and to ensure that they can work in a safe, healthy and peaceful environment.

In addition, we aim to please our employees and feel the sense of corporate belonging at the highest level. Even though we work with experts in every field and level, we give importance to our employees with in-house trainings and make investments for their development. We ensure the best quality of all the equipment, tools and equipment they need to do their job in the best way.

We give priority to our promising young friends in recruitment. We give our colleagues who have started to work in our company the opportunity to work in more important positions in line with their talents and experience.

Our Human Resources Management Principles:
Ensuring that right people participate in the company
Ensuring that the company is ready for more important tasks in its growth and development strategies
Enabling effective internal communication
Reinforcing the sense of corporate belonging
Ensuring respect for human beings
Ensuring that the company is shown as an example in the sector in human resources activities
Revealing the leadership skills of our employees, ensuring their systematic development and thus enabling them to be trained and developed within the company for generations
Maintaining the company culture and business philosophy by providing them with the ability to work in an environment.
Developing and maintaining the employees by placing them in suitable areas for their abilities, enabling them to work with high motivation and achieve maximum performance in both individually and as a team

Open Positions

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